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Welcome To Wizpace!

About Us

Wizpace is a Swedish-Korean software company. We believe in that correct marketing is the most important factor to sell any service or product. Our mission is to aid our clients to maximize their profits through innovative advertising and provide them with data driven means of marketing optimization
We provide a range of services, from helping you to find quality designers to aiding your online advertisements.


Wizpace Design

A platform that connects visual designers with people who needs them


A data intelligence marketing tool that simplifies the life of any marketer that does online marketing


We create beautiful cupholder designs to advertise your service or products

Who We Are

Culture & Life

You spend a big part of your life in your work, that is why it is important to chose a place where you are both comfortable and can do the things you enjoy. In Wizpace we:

  • Treat you as family, not a worker
  • Hope to always be able to teach you new things
  • Let everyone have their own responsibility
  • Give flexible working hour as long as you deliver
  • Restrict your working place. Feeling sick? Stay home and work.

Our History


Contact Us

  Seoul Global Startup Center, 109, Chengpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul



  +46-76-24-99-777 (Sweden)